PTSD – Las Vegas Shooting Survior

On October 1st my life changed forever. After being front row of the concert in Las Vegas that has been deemed the worst mass shooting in modern American history I have struggled with horrible PTSD. I have a hard time getting my body to be calm and not anxious or in a state of fight or flight. Sleeping was very difficult and when I did the nightmares would be so bad and often I would wake up in a cold sweat in tears with my heart racing. Immediately upon my return to work a couple weeks after the shooting I began weekly and sometimes biweekly treatments in the QUBIT. The first couple months that was the only place where I could actually get a good sleep and let my body relax. After 8 months I now have improved sleep quality, the nightmares are less frequent, my anxiety is only present after a trigger, and I have been able to stop my antidepressants/anti-anxiety medications. I would highly recommend the QUBIT as a treatment option for patients suffering from PTSD, anxiety, or insomnia.

Thank you- Cortney