Chronic Lung Issues

So here is my testimonial….

I have been fortunate to have been around Living Well Today for years. When the QUBIT was engineered and ready for therapeutic use, I began utilizing the resource almost immediately.

At Living Well Today I use many different modalities and supplements as complimentary medicine to combat chronic lung issues, and I use the QUBIT as a way to fully allow all of the modalities to do their deepest work. The QUBIT allows me to go into a restful state, hovering just above a deep sleep. At this level of relaxation, my body can then begin to repair itself very quickly. Inside the machine is an artificial, perfectly engineered and totally Healing Environment. I breathe more deeply, oxygenating my physical body as the environment encourages full metabolic and cellular repair. I emerge from the treatment fully relaxed, knowing that my physical body has activated my innate healing. I am refreshed, more energetic, and have a feeling of physical vitality for days after the healing treatment. I believe that if I were able to utilize the QUBIT more often during the week, that I would see profound progress. Today, the improvement that I have seen with my chronic lung issues with even sporadic use of the QUBIT are absolutely amazing. THANK YOU LIVING WELL TODAY!!!!

Thank – Pat