EMF Sensitive

“I am very sensitive to EMF (can differentiate the physical manifestations in my body between regular Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, my head heats up and swells on a cellphone, etc). Being in the QUBIT was immediately grounding and peaceful; it was like the world had turned off, phew. And then the positive frequencies started to build. It was like my body was soaking them up and I felt a heaviness instead of ‘zinged’ like I do around most energy medicine.

The obvious effects were that that in each session I had a lymphatic ‘reset’ and my body (and mind) maintained a sense of calm. During a 1 hour+ session I had somatic trauma release, which is rare for me. The more subtle effects were that my system felt like it had a homeostatic space to reset and it seemed like subcortical things were resolving. The overall experience was deeply healing, not sure how or what exactly was healed, but being in the QUBIT was profoundly positive.

Wish I was in it now!”