Raised sense of Self-Esteem

Self Esteem Relaxation - QuBit

Mr. Lloyd didn’t realize his low self-esteem was effecting his everyday life. But our bio-survey and QuBit system were able to raise his sense of well being. As he states he was able to get to a meditative state and enjoyed the outcome.

Overall Well-Being has changed


QuBit has been worth the 2 hour drive for this patient. A unique device that is providing a difference in her energy level, stamina, ability to think more clearly, and sleep patterns have improved. An overall sense of well-being for this patient.

Detox and Reset


Detoxing started in the Qu-Bit during her first session, a Lymph detox, and building up energy in her system for an overall healing experience. The Qu-BIT 300 is a state-of-the-art wellness device that fuses five subtle energy technologies to restore the Human Bio-field. The Qu-BIT 300 is the world’s first EMF shielded quantum reset environment …

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Tension Anxiety Release

The QuBit has been instrumental in not only my physical healing but emotional and spiritual as well. From the first time, I got in it I left feeling as though all the tension in my body had lifted. To my recent sessions which have allowed me to take deeper breaths. I literally feel as though my diaphragm …

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EMF Sensitive

“I am very sensitive to EMF (can differentiate the physical manifestations in my body between regular Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, my head heats up and swells on a cellphone, etc). Being in the QUBIT was immediately grounding and peaceful; it was like the world had turned off, phew. And then the positive frequencies started to build. …

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Chronic Lung Issues

So here is my testimonial…. I have been fortunate to have been around Living Well Today for years. When the QUBIT was engineered and ready for therapeutic use, I began utilizing the resource almost immediately. At Living Well Today I use many different modalities and supplements as complimentary medicine to combat chronic lung issues, and …

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PTSD – Las Vegas Shooting Survior

Vegas Shooting PSTD - QuBit 300

On October 1st my life changed forever. After being front row of the concert in Las Vegas that has been deemed the worst mass shooting in modern American history I have struggled with horrible PTSD. I have a hard time getting my body to be calm and not anxious or in a state of fight …

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